You may find that no matter how often your carpets are vacuumed, they still don’t look clean. At Premier our carpet cleaning team are experienced at leaving your carpets looking fresh & clean.

We extract all the dirt, germs & dust mites from your carpet. Our extraction process keeps your looking healthy and fresh. carpets stay cleaner longer.

We use safe bio-degradable cleaning agents that are designed for your carpet & rug fibres.

We use rinsing strokes to make sure no cleaning residue is left in your carpet. By flushing out all the dirt, bacteria and cleaning agents we restore your carpet to the original fluffy, soft fibres making your carpets stay cleaner longer.

Our deep extraction equipment picks up 98% of the moisture we put down, leaving your carpet fibres barely damp.  Depending on the grade of carpeting and the air circulation within your facility our drying time is approx. 4 - 10 hours.

At Premier we don't cut corners, we take all the time needed to clean every square inch of carpet thoroughly.

There is nothing worse than paying for a service and not being happy with the results. With offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You have peace of mind when you use Premier to clean your carpets.

With over 20 years of experience we have perfected our cleaning methods and spotting techniques to give our clients maximum results.

Premier provides a unique state of the art carpet cleaning system which undertakes

Contacting Premier today is the best choice for a professional clean to remove unwanted bacteria.

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