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We are pleased to offer professional window cleaning services for all types of commercial and industrial businesses. We use high reach water fed poles to provide fresh, purified water ensuring a smear free cleaning of all our clients windows every time.

With the Working at height legislation updating frequently and the emphasis on safety shared with Premier,  we offer a water fed pole window cleaning service which is a relatively  new technology that:

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Efficiently cleans windows, panelling, canopies and

fascia leaving a professional residue-free finish.

Easily reaches difficult access areas.

Eliminates the need for ladders and high access equipment, reducing costs and ensuring safety.

Window cleaning up to 72 Feet (6+ floors)

Cleans with greater efficiency.

Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease.

Cleans windows, uPVC, signs, panelling, cladding,

facades, glass roofs and canopies to a drip-free finish.

All operations of work is made safety from the the ground.

We offer both interior and exterior window cleaning services. You can choose whether you want the exterior windows cleaning, interior or both.

All our window cleaning supplies are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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